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Toy Carton colouring XXL Rocket 3D MoNumi MPD-000103

Space travel. Are you ready to experience an unforgettable adventure?

Fly high into the sky, see the stars and the moon up close, stand on Mars, and maybe even meet friends from another planet.

Your spacecraft has enough space for everybody, so you can take your favourite teddy bears and dolls with you on your adventure, take your favourite toys too!

Why wait any longer, it's time for an adventure you will never forget.

Create your own rocket and colour it with paints, felt-tip pens or crayons however you like. Make sure your spacecraft has everything it needs for your extraordinary adventure, you can draw that in too. Now you can build your rocket, start the engine and fly high into the sky!

A large toy-colouring book made of inner layer of durable cardboard covered with outer layer of white cardboard.

Large, precisely cut parts, easy to fold without the need for glue or scissors. Picture manual provided at the back of the packaging. Movable parts, open spaces, little shelves make the toy more desirable.

The assembled construction is stable, durable and light. Professional graphics, clear print in black. Suitable for colouring with crayons, felt-tip pens, markers and paints. The cardboard is well suited for moisture absorption, does not crease or leak through.


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