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FirstBIKE balance LIMITED ORANGE with brake tyres Schwalbe Big Apple
With limited edition colors and with world-renowned Schwalbe Big Apple tires for maximum traction on any surface.
FirstBIKE is the perfect training bike for developing your child's sense of balance, motor skills, and self-confidence. Unparalleled features make learning and exercise safe and fun.


  • Weight: 3,9 kg
  • Frame: Mat Black
  • Fork: Mat Black
  • Wheels: Orange
  • Seat & Grips: Orange
  • Brakes: Rear Drum
  • Age: 22 Months - 5 Years
  • Tires: 12'' Racing SCHWALBE
  • SKU: F2010

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FirstBIKE is the perfect training bike for developing your child's sense of balance, motor skills,
and self-confidence. Unparalleled features make learning and exercise safe and fun.




Highest Quality Materials Ensure a Lifetime of Enjoyment
and Trouble-Free Use


FirstBIKE balance LIMITED orange with brake


Extremely lightweight, high-strength yet flexible, and weatherproof frame doesn't scratch, splinter, swell or rust.

Special non-slip "horse saddle" shape seat with tools-free adjustment provides for maximum comfort and stability.

Hand-controlled, rear drum SafetyStop brake ensures very gentle and gradual braking.

FirstBIKE balance LIMITED orange with brake


The Safest Bike on the Street

FirstBIKE is deemed to be the safest in its category in terms of supporting a child's physical development. FirstBIKE has also proven to be a great helper when it comes to the development of a child's self-confidence, and enjoyment of learning.

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  • Flexible frame allows for shock-absorption and protection of your child’s spine
  • Hand-controlled, rear drum SafetyStop brake ensures very gentle and gradual braking; the braking power can be adjusted. (Unlike the commonly used rear V-brake, this unique drum brake is also safe for little fingers)
  • Steering limiter helps your young rider ride smoother and helps prevent rough falls
  • The shape of the seat ensures a child does not slip off when riding downhill (unlike common pedal bike saddles used on other balance bikes)
  • Reflective stickers for better visibility in low-light conditions
  • No sharp edges or protruding screws
  • Safety grips keep little hands from slipping off

FirstBIKE® is the world's most cutting-edge and safe bicycle with brake. It is especially designed for children between 19 months up to five (5) years old. 'Balance Bikes' are the best way to introduce children to cycling and to promote their equilibrium skills at the same time. From the very first 2 to 3 rides on the balance bike, children gain confidence and get the ability to drive from very young, without fear and hesitation. They slowly begin to raise their feet unconsciously, acquiring the control of the steering wheel and they are turned into small champions in a few weeks. They don't separate it by no means, they spend many hours with it, giving happy moments to the whole family as well as a feeling of independence to the child, who now takes the control of the bike and feels proud and happy!

FirstBIKE is the best-in-class balance bicycle, since the kid will enjoy it by the time he/she is 5 years old. The kid will not enjoy any other bicycle in his later life for so long as the FirstBIKE, since his/her rapid growth after 5 years imposes some other bicycle size every year. The most important thing is that the child will never need to use the bicycle training wheels for the simple reason that his/her brain has already known subconsciously the ability of balancing surely better than our own parents have been known as well as he/she has recorded innumerable walks and fascinating pleasant memories. In the kid's later life, his/her behavior in bicycling and generally his/her abilities in whatever he/she will drive in the future it will reach the champions level.

Remember how your parents were troubled in order to learn you a bike and to remove the training wheels from your own bicycle.

Ask your parents, they will remember very beautiful and stressful moments, with the constant fear of hurting with your bicycle. Some of your parents may remember having a permanent discomfort on their hips and a lack of strength to guide you as much as you want because they were forced to bend over you to keep you from the saddle of your bike, the logical anxiety and the overprotection of each parent .... to prevent you ... ..not to hurt !!!

Is it so incredible...for our child?

FirstBIKE is lightweight as a feather ideal for moms and dads, since it is the only one that weighs 3.450 kg. Children may carry it on their own. You do not need ''tools'' with you, like on all bikes. Even the height adjustment of the saddle is done manually with a specially designed plastic plug valve. It has no sharp edges, there is no risk of injury with sharp corners, everything is round, it has no angles. It is not accidental that every year it wins a new award for kid's bike design in all countries of the world.

The children can lift it easily in order to raise it or lower it from the pavements, they do it what they want, so they love it and they want it with them. Many parents send us photos with the FirstBIKE telling us that their children do not want to be separated it!

Usually after a good and full day with FirstBIKE balance learning activities, they wash it easily and quickly in the bathroom and place it in the child's room next to it along with other toys.

FirstBIKE is not a simple training bike that we park it with forgotten toys or bikes.

FirstBIKE is the "Indoor Balance" bike that it will be always next to the child. It is very easy in transportation and transfer with all the toys that we have to carry, if our child asks for it.

The children who have FirstBIKE are so pleased and full of activity that they do not let FirstBIKE in order to choose another toy, especially if they meet some other child with bike, when they begin to show off the various skills that their FirstBIKE has in comparison with other balance bikes.

The little FirstBIKErs may enter into mud, water, sand and beach easily while the other children do not have bicycles that can respond to such conditions.

If parents have bought a wooden balance bike, it is very logical to think that it can inflate and become useless. In case they have a metal balance bike, they fear about its lining as it has the risk of rust or erosion of all its metal parts.

Of course there are parents who like the sea, the boats and in general they are pleased to run their children's metal bike after the sea activities and to keep it as it should be. They will rinse them thoroughly, soap, soak up all the sharp edges or possible blows with special maintenance oil, the axes to prevent the normal rust that it may occur. You can't find anything that is mentioned above in FirstBIKE GLASS FIBRE TECHNOLOGY !! No scratches, no injuries, no harm! Spray, wipe, finish !!!

FirstBIKE is transported easily with your own motorcycle, with your own bike, it is hanging on the stroller very easily (due to its design) and you can hold it with your shopping bags as it weighs just under 2 large bottles of bottled water 1.5l.

FirstBIKE is the only balance bike in the world with a safety kit for small infants and it is considered the safest in its class. It has won all the world's awards from all the Worldwide Bodies, Associations and Organizations regarding young infants. It is so convenient to wash as you may put it in the bathtub and wash it like a bath toy.

Read our pages and see all the FirstBIKE Training Videos that we've created for you ... for the informed parents of little champions.

Having your child learn balance with FirstBIKE in a surprisingly short period of days-weeks, it will be very easy for him/her to ride a regular pedal bike...he/she climbs on a regular bike and drives it easily as soon as he/she realizes that the spin of the pedal is given by the move. It doesn't need to think anything or feeling stress in order to keep balance by trying to turn the pedals at the same time, because he/she has already known balance subconsciously by acquiring and training with FirstBIKE. Your child has already gained a lot of experience with so many kilometers that he/she has gone through with your own supervision.
Simply, if you calculate cumulatively, the distances that he/she will have covered repeatedly, in so many rides from the age of 19 months up to 5 years old, he/she will have more driving experience than even ourselves!!! Is that not magic? It's FirstBIKE...and finally the balance training without any child's previous experience!

FirstBIKΕ is made from a safe mixture of composite material PP with injection of glass fibers (carbon fibers) (GLASS FIBRE TECHNOLOGY) which is elastic, flexible, with no risk of breaking, is not scratched, does not swell like wood, does not have any alders with risk of injury, does not rust like metal, does not break, does not spoil, it is not destroyed, and it has a lifetime warranty.

FirstBIKE is the only bicycle in the world that goes from one child to another, from parents to other parents because it does not wear out and never gets stale.

FirstBIKE has no expiration date.


It is specially designed for interiors, playgrounds, asphalt roads, squares, dirt roads, beaches, pebble beaches, sandy beaches as well as for the mountain because it is equipped with high requirements, special production Schwalbe Big Apple elastics (with car valve and inner tube) that are especially designed to have the best traction on all road surfaces.

FirstBIKE in heat and cold ... 2 in 1.

In order not to think our friends that the fun and the learning of children concerning balance with FirstBIKE is seasonal and will end with the end of the summer, we are going to inform them that the children's learning for the 'little' owners of FirstBIKE continues unceasingly throughout the year .

Only FirstBIKE has the privilege of being converted into a double snowshoe bike, putting the FirstSKI conversion kit in a few minutes without tools (like all FirstBIKE) and very fast. Isn't it incredible?

FirstBIKE has envisaged a special patented world kit that instantly transforms it into FirstSkI training skates, exactly with the same bicycle philosophy for parents who want their children to follow them in winter sports. See amateur video:

So here we are in Parnassos, Kaimaktsalan, Kalavrita & in all the Ski resorts where we will prepare a special event from Winter with the first snow, with our children next to us!!! At the moment, enjoy summer with FirstBIKE and stay tuned!

What else to say about your child's first bike? The FirstBIKE Phenomenon...