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Shaun the Sheep Kids ride on a Pink Suitcase, Box for Toys, Walker
A toy box that you can ride with a fusion of toy boxes and riding toys!

Shaun the sheep the naughty and mischievous sheep, adored by children and adults, now in a unique ride on suitcase, storage toybox and ride on walker.  Offers also carefree & playfull hours for the children and even gives them motivation to store their toys.

Shaun the sheep ride on suitcase, will transform the usually boring and stressing for the little ones, travel procedure to a joyfull and looking forward experience. Also you will have no worry of damaging the floor even when your kids used indoors



Meet Shaun The Sheep Suitcase

✔️ It is a suitcase that you can ride on, or pull it to roll with wheels which have one way direction (only front) for the child's safety.

✔️ They are in a convenient dimension, even the kid its self could carry,and so it has all his favorite items always with him. 

✔️ It is made of ABS PP, an excellent light and durable plastic used in high quality suitcases. 14L has capacity for clothes, toys, accessories roundtrips.

✔️ You can find them in a light blue pastel color, pastel pink, yellow, green and British flag limited edition.

✔️ The colorful tonque of Shaun the sheep, when moved downwards, is the front lock and the tail is the rear lock of the suitcase! 

✔️ The ears of Shaun the sheep are used as handlebars for better stability and a proper body position of the child when ride on.

 ✔️ The casing has embossed lettering on both sides with the logo Shaun the sheep and the upper side has the shape of sheep fleece.

✔️ It is designed to ensure the safety of children, to protect fingers etc.

✔️ Detachable tow strap included.

✔️ Internally clips for arranging and bonding clothes or objects.  

Product Weight  1.5 lbs

Normal load: 25 kg. 

Maximum load: 50 kg.



Length :46 cm

Width : 24 cm 

Height : 37m 

*Because the dimensions of the hand luggage differ recommend checking with your airline before you fly to your destination.