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Children's FirstBIKE Bicycle Basket Red
Universal fit for all children bicycles!

                                                                                 For all ages!

I have with me everything I need!

The FirstBIKE Basket is the essential accessory for every child's bike. Because of its capacity, it is ideal for the child to take on the ride everything he may need. This way he can always have his water or biscuits with him without leaving his hands off the wheel.



⭐ Due to the special support components, the FirstBIKE Cart is easily adaptable to the FirstBIKE learning bicycles as well as to any other children's bike.

⭐ The FirstBIKE Cart is lightweight, weighing 158.8 grams.




Product Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 20 cm

Children FirstBIKE Bicycle Basket Red