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Shaun the Sheep Suitcases
  • Σον το πρόβατο Βαλίτσες

The Shaun the Sheep ride on suitcase who is also used as a walker and a toybox.

Shaun the sheep kids ride on suitcase, box for toys, walker


the shaun the sheep naughty and mischievous sheep who adore children and adults created a storage toybox, ride on walker with wheels which have a direction (only front) for the child's safety, travel suitcase to beautify the lives of children and their offer carefree hours playing and incentive to store their games.
It will give joy to movement and travel of small without affecting so easily.
They are convenient dimension to hand luggage size so kids never separated their favorite items.
It is made of ABS PP excellent quality light and durable plastic used in quality suitcases. 14L has capacity for clothes, toys, accessories roundtrips.
There are in light blue pastel colors, pastel pink, yellow, green and British limited edition.
The colorful language of Shaun the sheep is the front lock and easily move downwards and the scut is the rear lock of the suitcase.