who we are

BIOIN Ltd. was founded in Athens in 2011 by three young mothers, Efi (a teacher of individuals with special needs), Sophia (a teacher) and Violeta (a Doctor). 

They began their activity by distributing high-quality health and beauty products and cosmetics. A milestone was set when in 2013 they started the exclusive distribution of the innovative and standard-setting products of NeoCell Corporation, which is known for its award-winning dietary supplements. By 2014 their network had expanded and it included more than 750 pharmacies & co-operative pharmacists in Greece & Cyprus.

It was their maternal duties, their love of their young children, the observation of their children’s’ everyday needs and of course a common vision that prompted them to create a section for child and nursing products in 2016.   

Their inspiration was drawn by their children, devoting time to understand what they want, what they need, what serves them most and what is entertaining. Most importantly however, they always took the time to ask why in order to get a comprehensive understanding. Over time, they observed that children, would quickly lose their enthusiasm over a specific toy and that sparked an interest to identify the reasons and subsequently put them on the quest of discovering toys that would capture their children’s’ attention, interest and imagination.

Making a living out of it was naturally also one of their objectives but their real driver was to make available to parents in Greece some of these toys they had found in markets abroad. Through thorough research, long vetting processes (which included many trips overseas and visits to manufacturing sites) and extensive negotiations, they managed to secure distribution contracts with producers of award-winning toys and accessories, that met their own safety, satisfaction and originality standards. Added emphasis was placed on the learning attributes these products had. 

This labor-intensive, liquidity-crunching process started bearing fruit and yielding results in 2017, turning this small business in Greece into an exporter of toys and baby products to neighboring countries such as Cyprus. Clients include major retailers of the market such as Mothercare Greece, etc.

In early 2017, the company was renamed to BIOIN Baby Kids and it is set to expand its operations further. 

''There is no question that every minute a parent spends with his/her children is priceless. Those fleeing moments are those that one will carry with them forever. And even though most parents would like to spend more quality time with their children, reality dictates differently and time has to be spent elsewhere as well. The least, that we, as parents can do, is to allow our children to enjoy carefree play with high-quality, creative, tasteful toys that foster learning and growth and allow for the expansion of their imagination. "