Bioin Bright Infant Outcome Innovations
  • Βρεφικοί Προτζέκτορες Ύπνου με κινούμενς προβολές
  • Βρεφικοί Προτζέκτορες Ύπνου ZAZU
  • Βρεφικοί Προτζέκτορες Ύπνου ZAZU
  • Βρεφικοί Προτζέκτορες Ύπνου ZAZU

Not yet tired?   Projectors

Some babies are just not ready to fall asleep immediately. With our projectors you keep your baby entertained with light and music while slowly falling asleep.

MAGICAL SKY : Transform the ceiling into a magical sky, life like underwater world or a beautiful sunset sky.

Play soothing melodies or the well known heartbeat sound.

3 STEP SLEEP PROGRAM : Our Cody, Otto and Tim have a unique 3 step sleep program in which we help your baby to get sleepy.

The projector can switch off automatically once your child has dropped off to sleep.

While you are not always around to press the play button, our clever cry sensor will activate the sound upon crying.