Gina Giraffe Torch & NIghtlight ZAZU grey

Find your way in the dark

Does your child have the habit of
 calling you, the moment you are back downstairs, comfortably installed on the couch with a 
nice cup of tea? Sounds familiar? Then Gina the giraffe is the 
perfect solution.


  • Age: 0+
  • Power: Recharchable Battery (included), USB Cable (Included)
  • SKU: ZA-GINA-01

Gina is not only a multi-colour nightlight, but also a torch to guide the way or just to play. 

Use Gina as a nightlight to fall asleep. 

Choose from 7 different colours.

The nightlight automatically shuts off after 30 minutes.  


Whenever your child needs some extra light to go the loo, read a book or find that favourite soft toy, they can easily pick up 
their nightlight and switch on the torch. 

The torch has a nice bright light and shuts 
off automatically after 10 minutes, so it will not drain the rechargeable battery.

ZAZU is a Dutch brand designing products to help 
children sleep better. A little bit more sleep is already 
a lot more fun, also for the parents!