Suzy Portable Baby Sleep Shusher Zazu

“Shushing” will soothe and comfort your fussy baby. It also makes it easier for a newborn baby to fall and stay asleep.

Newborn babies are not used to silence.
The sound level in the womb is louder than a vacuum cleaner.
In addition play heartbeat sound and white noise and 3 other melodies. The sound will automatically switch OFF after 20 minutes and the cry sensor will automatically switch back on when your baby is crying.


  • Power: AAA X 3 (Not Included)
  • SKU: ZA-SUZY-01


• 6 Melodies: Shushing, Heartbeat, white noise, lounge,

ocean and lullabies

• 20 min auto off

• Cry sensor

• Volume

• Operated by 3x AA batteries (not included)

• Measurements: 9 x 9 x 3,5 cm