Toy colouring "Carrot House" Monumi MPD-000403

Anything can happen in this magical house...

Red carrots can grow in flower pots, hang from the windows like curtains or even grow from green carpets in the living room. Create your Carrot House, give it colours, decorate the walls in your home however you imagine, put some furniture inside and invite your fairy-tale friends.


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  • SKU: MPD000403
Price 24,90€
ONLY 16,90€

Age: 4+

Product dimensions: 66 x 25,5 x 21 cm

Package: etui

Size of the package: 69,5 x 25,5 x 21 cm

Weight with packaging: 0,47 Kg

EAN: 5903041010234

A large toy-colouring book made of inner layer of durable cardboard covered with outer layer of white cardboard. Large, precisely cut parts, easy to fold without the need for glue or scissors. Picture manual provided at the back of the packaging. Movable parts, open spaces, little shelves make the toy more desirable.

The assembled construction is stable, durable and light. Professional graphics, clear print in black. Suitable for colouring with crayons, felt-tip pens, markers and paints. The cardboard is well suited for moisture absorption, does not crease or leak through.