50 pcs. BreastMilk Storage Bags Temperature Sensing 200ml

provide mothers a hygienic way to store their breastmilk.

Each bag is presterilized, designed with a tamper-evident seal and the separated spout easy for pouring without wasting a single drop of breastmilk.

The double zipper seam and double sealed side seams give extra strength to store the breastmilk securely.

Mothers can use the temperature sensing visual shown on the storage bag as a quick reference when warming up the breastmilk.

If Lucas the hippo disappears, it indicates that the breastmilk is ready at its feeding temperature of around 37 °C or 99 °F.

But if Lola the giraffe disappears as well, the temperature of the breastmilk is too high.


  • SKU: MNMNU18


Pour spout design to avoid wasting a single drop of breastmilk

  • BPA/Phthalate free
  • Freezer safe
  • Pre-sterilised with tamper-evident seal, completely hygienic
  • Pour spout design to avoid wasting a single drop of breastmilk
  • Double zipper seam and double sealed side seams
  • Temperature sensing for quick reference
  • Self-standing design or lay flat for compact storage


CLEANING AND CARE / Instruction for use:

  • Tear off the tamper-evident seal toopen the breastmilk storage bag.
  • Pour expressed milk into the bag up to a maximum of 200ml/ 7oz because breastmilk expands when it freezes.
  • Squeeze out the excess air in the breastmilk storage bag. Seal up the double zipper.
  • Clearly label the breastmilk with the date it was expressed.
  • Store in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible.
  • Breast milk can be thaw directly.


Outer: PET

Inner: LDPE


110 x 165 mm

(50 pcs/ box)