Robby Rocker Baby Stroller Device Rechargeable Cry Sensor ZAZU


Many parents will recognize themselves in rocking their stroller to get their little one to sleep.

Rocky the baby rocker will give you a helping hand in rocking your little one’s stroller for you and give you time to enjoy for example your cup of coffee with a friend.

Automatic shut-off

Press the button and Rocky will gently rock for 40 minutes.

Adjustable rocking strength

Adjust the rocking frequency to get the best rocking for your stroller.

Cry sensor

The cry sensor can watch over your little and automatically activate upon crying.

Long battery life

8 hours of battery life. Rechargeable battery and USB cable included.

Water resistent for light rain (IPX1)

Use indoors or outdoors. Do not use in prolonged or heavy rain.

Fits any stroller

Easily attachable with buckle and strap


  • Power: Recharchable Battery (included)

We’re over the moon to announce that Robby the Rocker didn’t just win one, but 3 (!) prestigious awards!

PLATINUM for Best Baby Rocker by Loved By Parents
GOLD for Best Baby Sleep Aid by Loved By Parents
GOLD for Best Baby Rocker by Mom’s Choice Awards

But what makes Robby stand out from the crowd?

Robby is not just a rocker; it’s a game-changer for parents. Offering over 8+ hours of soothing motion on a single USB-C recharge, Robby is designed for the modern parent in mind. Its universal compatibility with every pram and adjustable strength settings ensure that your baby’s comfort is personalized and perfect every time.

These innovative features have made Robby an indispensable part of daily life for parents everywhere. Whether it’s squeezing in that much-needed workout, catching up on household chores, or simply enjoying a moment of peace while your baby sleeps, Robby is there to support your family’s needs.

Robby gives you the freedom to do more, worry less, and enjoy those precious early moments with your baby even more. Here’s to making parenting a little easier, one gentle rock at a time.