Liz the Lamb Soft Toy Comforter with heartbeat sound by Zazu
stuffed with lullaby heartbeat & white tone with White Sound Device

A soft toy like a quilt, that calms and soothes your newborn baby from imitating the heartbeat through the mother's abdomen. The ZAZU kids with the recorded heart sound soft animals with white sound of water from a waterfall & white noise in nature as well as 4 calming tunes. 'So your baby will sleep in a safe environment as the mother during pregnancy.

The DEX dog,  DON the Donkey and LIZ the lamb will give your baby sweet dreams. It is soft, easily washed even in the washing machine with a removable device that runs on batteries and has an automatic re-sensor once the baby makes noise, waking up the cry!

A soft toy comforter , that calms & soothes your newborn baby by mimicking a mum’s heartbeat. Operated by 2 x AA batteries.


  • Age: 0+
  • Power: AAA X 3 (Not Included)
  • SKU: ZA-LIZ-01

Liz Features :

⭐️ 6 different sounds

Heartbeat sound, waterfall sound, and 4 soothing melodies.

⭐️ Activate by shaking 

No need to switch ON the music, just shake and he will start playing the last chosen song.

⭐️ Switches on if your baby starts crying

The voice activated sound sensor will switch on the sound if your baby wakes up in the night

⭐️ Choose your own volume

You can set the volume to your preferred level.

Over 65% of newborn children suffer from colic. Parents suffer even more because they can not help their babies to sleep easily. The white sounds and beats of the heart are the natural acoustic environment for newborn babies remember from the womb of their mother. All you can hear are the sounds white.

And so DEX dog,  DON the Donkey and LIZ the lamb born! And stopped running around the house with a hairdryer, with the use of the hood, with the vacuum cleaner, which is uncomfortable and tiring. DEX dog,  DON the Donkey and LIZ the lamb have so far been tested by thousands of parents! It is noteworthy dolls designed by mothers. This easy to use device, controllable intensity, works for 12 minutes until your baby sleep.

It has 7 audio options: four lullabies, heartbeat and 2 white noise. The sound is pleasant and the quality is surprisingly good for a toy. The sound is adjustable and the apparatus is easily removed, so the toy is very easy to wash. It works with three AAA batteries, so it is portable and ideal for traveling. The battery also makes it possible to take the device with you when you go for a walk or a visit with the baby. So it is perhaps the most convenient and functional dolls with white hearts and audio equipment for babies in this price category.

✔️ Operated by 2 AA 1,5 V alkaline batteries (not included)

✔️ Measurements: 32 x 15 x 15 cm

✔️ The animals are tested according to EU regulations

✔️ Age recommendation: As of 0+ months.

✔️ Size is: 32 x 15 x 15 cm   


What do child psychologists say; Why whites sounds are so important?

The auditory sense is an infant experience of babies during their fetal life. In the belly of the mama, babies also have experience, touch, taste and movement. These basic skills in the nervous system are the dynamics by which the child is born. Any other stimuli received from the child's senses are new and can cause sensory overload.  A newborn baby can be moody, have difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently, suffer from colic, especially in the afternoons and evenings, after a whole day with numerous sensory experiences.

The consolation of this is the return of fetal life: rocking, hugging, feeling of warmth and listening persistent, dull white tone with maternal Heart. Let us and we then.  The gradual introduction of a sensory experience in baby's world is the need of every baby. This is especially true for babies born too early, with complications periods after birth, suffering from allergies, with prolonged jaundice, babies from endangered pregnancies and all these babies their nervous system needs time to develop. Children with sensory integration problems can be moody, unpredictable, can unexpectedly begin to cry, have trouble sleeping, relaxing, sleeping or just waking up at night. Providing an environment similar to that experienced during fetal life prolong the positive effect of pregnancy on the harmonious development of the nervous system of the child.

DEX the Dog,  DON the Donkey and LIZ the lamb allow the child to overcome excessive stimuli to which the nervous system is not yet ready.

✔️ create the environment to the baby to remember the period he was in the belly of his mother's.

✔️ calm and soothe your baby, distracting from the sources of discomfort may have.



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