FIN Reading Light Auto Shut-off Sheep ZAZU

A reading light and nightlight in one: bright light for reading and soft orange light for sleeping.

The perfect bedtime companion to read a little bit longer in bed.

When it is time to go to sleep switch to the soft orange nightlight.


  • Age: 0+
  • Power: Recharchable Battery (included), USB Cable (Included)
  • SKU: ZA-FIN-01
  • Adjustable brightness. Two brightness settings: bright reading light and soft nightlight.

    Automatic shut-off. After 60 minutes the light will automatically switch off.

Reading a book as Reading light

FIN has bright light for reading. FIN is wireless and does not get warm, so it is a safe light for children to bring to bed.

Falling asleep as soft Orange Nightlight

FIN has a soft light for falling asleep. The room will be light enough to see, but dark enough to fall asleep.

  • FIN is wireless and does not overheat, so it is perfectly safe for him to take to bed.
  • FIN also has a low light setting, so it makes the perfect nightlight.
  • And….FIN will automatically switch off after 1 hour, so your child can fall asleep with light ……. and sleep through the night in the dark.



Technical Info

• Works with a rechargeable battery and can be charged with a USB cable
• Measurements: 17 x 12 x 13 cm
• Fin is tested according to international regulations
• Age recommendation: As of 0+ months, when not using with the cord.