Berz Baby Dinnerware Crab 5 in1 Blue
The process of eating becomes fun!

                                                                                          Age : 4 to 11 months

I am not eating alone anymore!

The dinnerware Berz Crab is a must for every mother who always wants to have the nessesary dishes to feed her baby. She can have a "toy" with her that turns into a complete feeding set for the little one!


  • Age: 4 Months +
  • SKU: BP8602B
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The Berz Baby Dinnerware Crab 5 in 1 consists of:


⭐ 1 large bowl 300ml


⭐ 1 smaller bowl 280ml


⭐ 1 training cap with silicone nozzle 200ml


⭐ 1 silicone spoon and 1 silicone fork



The Berz Baby Dinnerware Crab is:


⭐ Functional

Thanks to its innovative design, all the necessary utensils for feeding your baby are inside without taking up space. To use, remove one by one the pieces following the instructions.


⭐ Educational

All the utensils included are designed in accordance with the child's age needs for feeding. In this way, the 2 bowls and the glass for learning have an ergonomic handle to facilitate children's hands and help them to become independent.

The lid of the cup and the soft mouthpiece are specially designed to prevent leaks and crutches, a teaspoon and silicone fork, ideal for sensitive baby's gums. As the child grows you can remove the detachable spout and create a regular glass with handles.


⭐ Practical

It's necessary for children who are often out of the house. All in one. It takes so little space, so we can have it with us wherever we go!


Berz Baby Dinnerware Crab 5 in1 Blue

Useful Instructions

1. Keep away from fire and other sources of heat.

2. Always wash with mild detergents.

3. Safe use in a microwave only for heating food. Do not use the Berz products for cooking in a microwave.

4. Do not put the silicone spoons and forks as well as the cup's silicone cover in the microwave.

5. Avoid sterilization at high temperatures.

6. Suitable for 4 M+ babies.