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Berz baby Cartoon Grinder Pink Duck Food Preparation Set 6 in 1
The process of eating becomes fun!

                                                                                          Age : 4 to 11 months

My food is ready!

The Duck food kit of Berz is essential for any mother who always wants to have the necessary utensils to make the food for her little one. Thanks to its innovative design, the set includes all the utensils you may need to prepare his meal without taking up space in your baby bag, stroller or kitchen.


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The Duck food kit of Berz contains :


⭐ 1 Shredder

 You can easily rub, without knife, any hard fruit or vegetable (carrot, apple, etc.) placing it on the top of the bowl.


⭐ 1 Juice Extractor & 1 Colander

An easy-to-use reamer that is specially designed for making any juice of orange, pear, etc., with less scum. With the colander, we can easily distinct  the egg yolk from the egg white and to prepare quickly and efficiently some fruit and vegetable mash by simply twisting the colander.


⭐ 1 Filter Net 

It is made of stainless steel that does not rust. You can easily enjoy fibrous fruits (orange) and vegetables (sweet potato), since you have already filtered them.


⭐ 1 Grinding Rod

Mortar with easy grip and special thickness at its base for easier mashing.


⭐ 1 Blender

With functional design that thanks to its special non-slip base it helps you make your baby's food easily, quickly and effortlessly.


⭐ 1 Non-slip base 

With firm grip on the table, preventing the food from dropping down.


Berz baby Cartoon Grinder Pink Duck Food Preparation Set 6 in 1


The Duck food kit of Berz is :


⭐ Functional

Thanks to its innovative design, all the necessary utensils for feeding your baby are inside without taking up space. To use, remove one by one the pieces following the instructions.


All the utensils included are designed to meet the needs of the modern mother for the smart and fast preparation of her child's meal.


Useful Instructions

1. Keep away from fire and other sources of heat.

2. Always wash with mild detergents.

3. Do not use the Berz products for cooking in a microwave.

4. Avoid sterilization at high temperatures.

5. Suitable for 4 M+ babies