Berz Set of 3 Vacuum Food Storage Containers Blue
with special pump air remover for maintaining infantile liquids and solids

                                                                                             Age : 4+ months

My food is kept fresh for longer!

The set of 3 Berz storage tanks works with vacuum technology keeping food inside the containers fresh for longer for both your baby and the whole family. They ensure good sealing that prevents even fluid spillage. This is accomplished by using the special air pump to remove the air by making the container seal airtight.


  • Age: 0+
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Berz Container Kit includes:


⭐ 1 Food Storage Container 300ml 


⭐ 1 Food Storage Container 400ml


⭐ 1 Food Storage Container 500ml


⭐ 1 Air Removal Pump


More specifically, the Berz containers:


⭐ Close airtight

As the air is removed from the containers by means of the special pump, the container seals at the same time airtight. So you can safely store and carry with you not only solid food for your baby but also foods like milk as Berz's cans ensure that there will be no leakage.


⭐ Keep the food fresh

 Thanks to the vacuum method foods are kept fresh in Berz's containers for longer without losing their nutritional properties


⭐ Child friendly.

Containers are made of BPA-free materials.
Berz Set of 3 Vacuum Food Storage Containers Blue


Useful Instructions

Store utensils away from sources of heat and fire.

Always wash utensils with mild detergents.

The use of Berz utensils is safe in a microwave oven when it comes to heating food or meals and not cooking them.

Avoid sterilizing Berz utensils at high temperatures.

BERZ baby Vacuum storage bowl set of 3