BERZ Baby Stainless Food Scissors with Silicone Handle Pink

Makes baby food easy to cut.

Ease and fast for making baby food.

Berz cutter is an essential tool for any mother who always wants to have the necessary utensils to make the food for the little baby. Thanks to its innovative design and special storage bin, the modern mother can place it on the stroller or infant bag without worrying about the utensils' hygiene.


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Berz's Scissors Set includes:


 ⭐ 1 Food Scissors Cutting

Cut the food of the baby with your stainless steel scissors wherever you are to make it easier for them to eat.


⭐ 1 Base for the scissors

By placing the scissors in the case, it turns into a cute mouse and you feel safe as you protect it from exposure to germs.


⭐ 1 Protective Handle

The kitty-shaped fingertip grip is made of silicone to protect your hands from the hot food temperature.

Berz Baby food cutter & silicon glove