Coco the Coala Soft Toy Comforter with Heartbeat sound by Zazu

stuffed with lullaby heartbeat & white tone with White Sound Device for a good night sleep

Coco the Coala, comforts and soothes your little one by mimicking a mum's heartbeat.


  • Age: 0+
  • Power: AAA X 3 (Not Included)
  • SKU: ZA-COCO-01

Meet Coco


⭐ 6 different sounds. 

Womb sound with heartbeat, waterfall sound, and 4 soothing melodies.

⭐ Timer with auto shut-off.  

After 10 minutes the sound will automatically switch off. 

⭐ Activates upon crying. 

The voice activated sound sensor will switch on the sound if your baby starts crying.

⭐ Choose your own volume. 

Set the volume to your preferred level. 

⭐ Activate by shaking. 

No need to switch ON the music, just shake and he will start playing the last chosen song.

Step 1

Play your child’s favourite sounds.

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Step 2

Let’s go to sleep.


Step 3

Sweet dreams!

Technical Info

• Operated by 3 AAA 1,5 V alkaline batteries (not included)
• Measurements: 32 x 15 x 15 cm
• The animals are tested according to international regulations
• Soft toy can be washed (remove the sound module beforehand)
• Age recommendation: As of 0+ months.