Baby Activities Gym Zazu

activity gym offers endless exploration possibilities on a large soft play mat.

All to stimulate multiple senses and help develop fine motor skills.

With 5 toys to entertain your little one while he or she is in different positions.

ZAZU’s well-known animals Dex, Liz and Don have been translated into rattles (Dex and Don) and a squeaky toy (Liz).

You will also see the animals depicted on the mat! Next to this you will find a discovery mirror and a rattle plus teethers to hang on the pipes.

You can use the play mat for overhead play, tummy time or sitting up.

Whenever the play mat becomes dirty, remove the pipes and put the play mat in the washing machine.


  • Age: 0+
  • Dimension: 81 Χ 81 Χ 1 cm
  • SKU: ZA-GYM-01
Price 59,20€
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