Tim the turtle Baby Projector with moving projection and melodies ZAZU

turns your little one's bedroom into a wonderful sunset.

Tim projects flying birds and moving sky on your ceiling while playing relaxing melodies such as African nature sounds, mimicking a mum's heartbeat and lullabies.

Its unique 3-step sleep program could your little one with dozing off in 30 minutes.

Step 1 (0 - 10 minutes) Orange and blue flying birds, moving wind and soothing African nature sounds.

Step 2 (10 - 20 minutes) Lower brightness and less sounds. Moving wind but no more blue birds or sun.

Step 3 (20 - 30 minutes) Static sky, no birds at all, no sound. After 30 minutes the sleep program automatically switches off. Tim's cry sensor enables step 2 of the sleep program


  • SKU: ZA-TIM-01

Soft toy (plush) –

Removable projector (ABS) –

3 different sounds such as African nature sounds, heartbeat or lullabies –

3 step sleep program –

Auto shut-off after 30 minutes –

Optional cry sensor –

3x AA batteries not included.