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ZAZU baby kids
  • ZAZU kids για μωρά νήπια με χτύπο καρδιάς & λευκούς ήχους Βρεφικά Παιχνίδια Δραστηριοτήτων
  • zazu-ypnou-xtypos-kardias-leukoi-ixoi-gia-mora

Comforts and soothes your little one!

 soft stuffed animals of Zazu kids with the recorded sound of the heart that hears the baby while it is in the belly of the mummy. with and 4 white water waterfall sound of calming melodies (to have other options growing) so your baby will sleep in a safe environment as the mummy. , The ZAZU dex the dog, the ZAZU Don the donkey and ZAZU Liz lamb will give your sweet oneirakia babies.
It is soft, washable, with detachable device runs on batteries and has an automatic re just the baby makes noise sensor, wake up crying!
Activate with shaking or jog or noise (crying).
No need to go to the musical control, just shake and starts playing the last song is selected. fluctuates the tension to the desired level.
the most beautiful gift to enable and Mommy to sleep even a little more. oneirakia well !!!
The ZAZU KIDS has a range of smart training alarms and gadjet that help the baby and parents to little sleep above and learn the baby that should always wakes course with a light not afraid of the child after echoyn sensors for the noise the crying. yet bluetooth penguins musicians who can hear your tales Niño as the theme you selected from another source.
and as we get older our love for babies that will grow and our range with new smart products for babies and young children